Akita cattle is raising in the region never lacks for plentiful water, and the river basins provide wide and richly fertile land for fields. The mineral water comes from the piled snow and ice of the cold winter, pure and clean water and of course the high-quality Japanese Black Cattle.  As the local natural mineral water from the Alpine has been used to cultivate Akita rice, the farmers also fed them to produce high quality of Akita cattle. The farmer carefully raises a small number of the Akita cattle in a natural environment. Instead of mass production, the farmers fed grains and mineral water to make good calories control, thus successful achieve “more marbling” meat by extending the raising period(up to 30 month). This marbling is the most prized aspect to create intense patterns that make the meat literally melt and unique flavor spread into your mouth. Also, the red meat becomes softer, gaining a finer texture with an excellent balance of fat and red meat.  



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