Bastard Halibuts  -  Hirame
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Bastard Halibuts - Hirame

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åÊåÊåÊåÊåÊ Flounder, It is the name for the white flat fishes that are typically served at the beginning of a course of sushi. Due to Flounder living in the sands at the bottom of the ocean the diner might discern a faint earthy taste. Hirame‰۪s season is the cold of winter or autumn. Halibut, which is often what people think Hirame (i.e. ‰Û÷flat eyes‰۪ in Japanese Kanji) is, should be called Ohyo. It is fished on North America‰۪s East Coast. Flat fish or Flatheads are generally called ‰Û÷Kochi.‰۪