Noble Mono

Our company started as a importer of exotic ingredient from Japan. One of our products is Japanese beef cattle (Wagyu). We are not aimed at "making things" in pursuit of "low price," but rather to provide our customers with " Safe, Reliable and Delicious meat products" at reasonable price. Our company have implemented a fully integrated tracing that tracks meat from birth through slaughter, processing and distribution. This system allows us to provide products to our customers within a total traceability framework. As a distribution company and therefore closer to the consumer, we are making transparent and taking full responsibility for the entire production process- from  farm to kitchen table- we are thus better able to provide true safety and peace of mind from the customer's perspective.
We fully intend to continue working day and night to earn unending trust and support for our company's brand, "Safety & Reliance" We would very much appreciate your continued exceptional support and patronage
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